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Substance Abuse Lawyers

Substance abuse is a damaging form of behavior that afflicts approximately 40 million people in the United States each year. Treatment for a substance abuse problem generally requires a combination of behavioral counseling, prescription medication, relapse prevention, and treatment for any co-occurring mental health problems, such as depression or anxiety. 

An unfortunate aspect of this country’s substance abuse epidemic is that some treatment providers prey on the very people they claim to want to help get better. Substance abuse patients are highly vulnerable to being mistreated or outright abused while under the care of a treatment facility.   

The substance abuse lawyers at the Law Offices of J.M. Reinan, P.C. in Denver have a long history of zealously representing substance abuse patients who have suffered serious and even irreparable harm while seeking professional treatment. Our addiction rehabilitation abuse lawyers are thoroughly knowledgeable about the many complex legal issues that surround addiction rehabilitation and mental health services in general. Prior to founding Reinan Law in 1999, Mr. Reinan was partner at a Denver firm that primarily represented doctors, hospitals, nursing homes, and their insurance companies. This experience allowed him to garner extensive knowledge and trial experience in the realm of substance abuse treatment, mental health, and psychiatric litigation.  

Substance Abuse Lawyers & addiction rehabilitation abuse

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Seeking treatment for substance abuse is a critical step on the road to a healthier and more productive future. The last thing a substance abuse patient should have to deal with while undergoing addiction rehabilitation is suffering abuse at the hands of their care provider. Our addiction rehabilitation abuse lawyers at Reinan Law in Denver steadfastly believe that providers who engage in misconduct should be held legally accountable. 

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